Shipping Your Breast Milk to Booby-Licious

Insulated shipping kit for shipping frozen breast milk

FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping Rates

We manage all the details and logistics of shipping your breast milk!  After checkout a separate invoice will be sent to you for your FedEx priority overnight pre-paid shipping label. Our shipping rates are the lowest offered guaranteed. We provide you with our FedEx contracted rates that are directly passed onto you! Booby Licious and its sister company ship thousands of packages annually with FedEx. In doing so we are provided the highest discounted rates FedEx offers nationwide. 

Because of our volume and history with shipping through FedEx, we are privileged with having a FedEx representative assigned to assist our everyday sensitive business needs to ensure the safety and reliability in shipping your frozen breast milk. This relationship has afforded us the ability to ensure express packages are always assigned to the first delivery of the day to our facility. All shipments are received the very next business day by 10:30am. Our FedEx hub looks out for our customers and ensures our business is ALWAYS made priority.  Don’t waste your hard earned money on paying for excessive shipping rates that could be allocated towards having additional breast milk protected and preserved!

Shipping Quote

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What's Included

Our shipping kits include one of our pharmaceutical grade coolers that require no dry ice or ice packs of any kind. This allows for dramatically lower shipping rates by eliminating the additional weight that is added to your shipment when dry ice or ice packs are necessary to keep your breast milk frozen. Package weight is the single most critical component when it comes to shipping rates for express shipping. Additionally, our kits are lab certified and tested for quality assurance.  

Upon placing your order, your kit will be shipped out to you no later than the next business day unless otherwise requested. Initial shipments are shipped via FedEx ground and take three to four business days to arrive to your home. Tracking and delivery updates are provided automatically from FedEx to your email for all inbound and outbound shipments to you. 

Booby Licious covers all costs associated for the initial shipment and the final shipment of returning your powder breast milk. Included in your shipping kit cooler is detailed packing instructions, your pre-paid FedEx priority overnight shipping label and a liner bag for packing your frozen breast milk into our cooler. PLEASE ensure you read the provided instructions before packing your breast milk into our coolers. 

Returning orders are facilitated via FedEx Priority Overnight Express and received no later than 10:30 am next business day to our facility. 

Most importantly, ALL returning shipments should be made Monday-Thursday and MUST be dropped off to a FedEx facility directly. Please do NOT drop off to any third party FedEx drop off locations. 

However, all orders may be arranged for a FedEx express pick up by emailing with your specified date and time (preferably a two hour time window) between 8am and 5pm to schedule the pick up of your package. We will gladly arrange these services on your behalf! 


Temperature Control Check

Shipping to Booby-Licious

Furthermore, when your breast milk arrives at our facility, a temperature control check is performed to ensure your breast milk remained frozen during transit. An email is sent confirming the receipt of your order, accompanied with a photo referencing the temperature recorded.

Shipping Instructions

We want to make shipping your breast milk as easy as possible for you!

Click the link below to watch our video on how to package your breast milk in our shipping cooler.

Shipping Preparation Instruction Video