Our services are currently not governed or regulated by the FDA.  However, we do voluntarily follow, adhere and are fully compliant with all cGMP guidelines identified by the FDA.  We also follow and adhere to all FDA and CDC recommendations and guidelines for the processing and safe handling of breast milk. Lastly, we hold a Certificate for Texas Food Handling.

We ask that only approved lactation breast milk storage bags be sent in for processing. 

We offer to freeze dry your breast milk individually (as you sent them to us) including all information from your frozen bag (i.e. the date, time, name and any notes, etc). We also offer equally portioned powder packets in quantities of  4, 5 or 6 ounces! 

Besides the obvious use of making bottles of breast milk, your powder can be used in solid foods as well. If your child has weaned off bottles, use your nutrient dense breast milk powder to mix into their solid foods!

Freeze-drying causes the active enzyme in your breast milk to become inactive and therefore prevents any further lipase from developing or occuring. The longer your milk stays frozen, the more it will become affected by lipase due to the enzyme in your breast milk. This enzyme is only active when combined with water. Through the removal of water during freeze-drying, this prevents lipase from further developing or occuring. Breast milk that has already been affected with lipase will experience an improved taste (texture) and smell after being freeze-dried!

We offer the fastest shipping method that any other service with FedEx Express priority overnight shipping which means we will receive your package of frozen breast milk the very next business day by 10:30 AM. We ask that all shipments be facilitated Monday-Thursday only! We know weather issues and delays can happen beyond our control. For this reason we use our pharmaceutical grade Nanocool insulated shipping kits.  These kits allow breast milk to remain frozen for up to 72 hours without any dry ice or ice packs necessary! Amazing! We also have a designated FedEx representative assigned to Booby Licious to ensure our customers breast milk is treated with the up-most priority and attention.

We ask that you ONLY drop off your package to a direct FedEx location only! All 3rd party locations that accept FedEx drop offs are picked up for the day by 10:30am. Therefore your package will be at much greater risk and most likely experience delayed transit times!

We absolutely do! If you need assistance with FedEx receiving your package, we are more than happy to schedule a FedEx Express pick up to your home. All we ask from you is to email us at info@booby-licious.com and provide us the specific date and two hour time window that works best with your schedule for FedEx to stop by and pick up your package for you! 

Here at Booby Licious, we offer four different sizes of shipping kits and they are categorized by how much volume each shipping kit can hold in total ounces! For all orders over 250 ounces, please reach out to us directly so we can provide you with a custom quote!

As soon as we receive your frozen breast milk, we inspect to ensure all bags remained sealed, secure and frozen during transit. We then will provide you with our quality assurance through weighing your order and performing a temperature control check. All orders are labeled with your information before placing into our commercial freezer where it will remain until we begin to process your order. You will receive an email from us confirming that your order has been received, accompanied with a photo attached referencing the temperature and total weight that was recorded!

We keep you updated during the entire time your breast milk remains in our care. We will send you an email when your order is fixing to begin processing and then again once processing is complete accompanied with your orders FedEx tracking information! 

We process all orders in the order they are received at our facility regardless of order size! 

Please reach out to us directly if you are needing your order rushed.  We do offer a rush service fee that would allow your order to be processed and completed in the time frame you are needing your powder back by.

Your breast milk is accompanied with a chain of custody form that includes all of your orders information from the moment it is received at our facility. We never process more than one mommas milk at a time. When your order begins processing, we label the freeze dryer your breast milk is in with all order details. Upon finishing processing your powder milk is packaged into pre labeled custom mylar bags that are vacuum sealed and boxed, ready to be shipped back to you! 

We are happy to process all breast milk we receive from you with your consent.  If we received more breast milk then you originally paid for, we will send you a separate invoice for the difference at the same rate per ounce you paid in your original invoice.

Every mommas water ratio content in their breast milk varies. You do not lose breast milk through the freeze-dry process, but you may receive back less packets than you originally sent if you have a high water content! 1 fl. ounce of breast milk is equivalent to .1 ounce of powder.  

You can store your powder packets in a cool, dry and safe place! Please refrain from putting your packets in direct light or where they may be exposed to moisture. Although we vacuum seal each bag to securely and properly seal our packets, we still suggest keeping them in a dark, dry and safe place that remains at room temperature! 

Once your packets of powder are vacuum sealed, some research shows that your freeze-dried breast milk is safe for 20 plus years. As this may very well be true, we still recommend using within 3 years from the date on the back of your powder packet. On each packet we send you, there will be an expiration date provided. Once you have broken the packets seal, we recommend using within 24 hours.

One of the main reasons we offer equally portioned powder packets, is due to the inconsistent volume of breast milk in each frozen bag. While you may believe you pumped equal quantities of 4, 5 or 6 fl. ounces into your storage bags, almost never are these bags accurate. Your bags will vary greatly in total weight. This means you may receive back packets that consist of a range of different quantities making it much more difficult to measure the correct water ratio needed to reconstitute your powder breast milk back to its original consistency. 

Other service providers may round your breast milk’s weight to the nearest whole number for this very purpose when processing your frozen bags individually. However, this is inconsistent with our mission and purpose here at Booby Licious and one of the main reason we highly suggest processing your breast milk into equally portioned quantities. 

However, we are aware that some moms prefer to individually process their breast milk so they can retain information onto their powder packets such as the date, time and any necessary notes that may have been included on the frozen bag from when it was originally expressed. 

There is no right or wrong way. Each way of processing has its own advantages and it is up to you which way you prefer depending on your individual needs and wishes! 

Yes! The CDC guidelines of expressed breast milk states that breast milk is still able to be consumed at 12 months when stored in the freezer. It’s important to note that after 12 months, your breast milk does not necessarily go “bad”. However, it will continue to significantly lose its nutritional properties. Nutritional degradation begins very early on during freezer storage, but at much slower rate. The longer it remains in the freezer, the greater nutritional loss will occur.  

First and foremost we NEVER process more than one mommas milk at any given time. With our vast knowledge and experience with disinfecting chemicals, we have implemented very strict and robust procedures for disinfecting between every single processed batch. We utilize a commercial warewash machine that cleans and disinfects in a three part process. Additionally we use the ONLY current EPA approved disinfectant (DUO Complete) for food grade applications that does not require being removed with water after applying onto a surface! Our disinfectants have kill claims of less than one minute for all major fungicides and viricides. 10x more effective than any residential chemicals purchased off the shelf.