Booby Licious Processing Facility

Booby-Licious processing Facility

Booby Licious processing facility is equipped with the highest grade disinfecting equipment and chemicals. We know a thing or two about disinfecting procedures and cross contamination protocols. Our sister company ProSTAR industries is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial cleaning chemicals and supplies. We have the privilege of leveraging our access to certified EPA approved disinfectants that are food prep safe and have kill claims for all major bacterial and viral pathogens including COVID-19 in under ONE minute! We PROMISE no other facility follows a more rigorous or qualified disinfecting program than Booby Licious and we stand behind that claim! We are equipped with a fully automated commercial cleaning machine that washes, disinfects and sanitizes all equipment in between every single batch we process. Our facility is treated on a regular basis with a electrostatic EPA approved disinfecting sprayer and chemical that adheres to every surface from floor to ceiling.

We follow all FDA and CDC recommendations and guidelines for processing and safe handling of breast milk.  

GMP Compliant

Our facility is fully cGMP compliant. We are only one of two exclusive professional freeze-drying services in the United States. We never process more than one individuals breast milk in any freeze-dryer at anytime. Our facility is fully equipped with cameras and monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of your breast milk while in our commercial freezer and freeze-dryers! All breast milk is accompanied with a chain of custody log throughout our complete process.

Here at Booby Licious, transparency is the foundation of what we do and we value each and every Momma that entrust us with their breast milk to preserve and protect their hard earned stash for years to come with the highest level of integrity and customer service.

Contact us and let us know if you have any other questions about our facility!