Benefits of Freeze-Drying Breast Milk

  1. We would say the number one benefit is how convenient it is!  Eliminate the requirement to keep your breast milk in a temperature control environment! Powder breast milk provides you all the same convenience as formula. 

Your breast milk is shelf stable for 3+ years.

Your freeze-dried breast milk powder can be carried directly with you, in your diaper bag or purse, and will pass all TSA checks with no hassles while traveling through the airport.

Frozen breast milk is good for only 12 months in the freezer and looses its nutritional density the longer it remains. Freeze-dried breast milk preserves the nutrients in your milk and extends the shelf life of your milk for many years. 

Say goodbye to a freezer stuffed full of your frozen breast milk with no room to spare! Never worry about having to keep your milk in a temperature control environment or finding the necessary room to protect your precious milk.  

Use your breast milk to combine into your little one’s solid foods. Don’t forfeit the nutritional content provided in your breast milk just because your child is no longer taking bottles. Powder breast milk can be mixed into any solid food!

Freeze-dried breast milk prevents high lipase from occurring by inactivating the active enzyme causing high lipase during freezer storage.

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