We freeze-dry your breast milk!

Freeze-dried breast milk is the ULTIMATE preferred method of storage. Learn about our process of freeze drying your breast milk!

Our Process

Booby-Licious packaging box's.
Breast milk powder packet custom label.

Upon receiving your breast milk at our facility, your frozen milk is weighed and labeled. We can process your milk individually, or into any desired equally portioned quantity. Furthermore, we record the date your milk was expressed, along with all necessary notes from your original frozen bag and include it on the back of each breast milk powder packet. 

Shipping to Booby-Licious

Breast Milk insulated shipping kit

We manage all of the logistics in shipping your breast milk to our facility in Bryan, Texas. With our pharmaceutical grade shipping kits, zero dry ice or ice packs of any kind are necessary. All shipments are facilitated with FedEx express overnight priority and are received to Booby-Licious the very next day by 10:30am. 

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Breast Milk

Freeze-dried breast milk provides ultimate convenience, superior nutritional retention and guarantees the protection and safety of your breast milk. Find out more about the benefits of freeze-drying your breast milk!

Google Reviews
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Kasey SpicklerKasey Spickler
21:02 12 Nov 22
Wonderful service with fantastic customer service. Thank you for helping cut down on space used in my freezer and extending the life of my milk stash. Bottles are easy to make and convenient for baby!
Sherri TimmermanSherri Timmerman
19:05 11 Nov 22
This company is amazing to work with! Their communication is just stellar!! I will be using them again!
Kathleen ComeoKathleen Comeo
01:38 22 Oct 22
They are fast and communication was great. They send you the insulated cooler that doesn't need dry ice, makes the process effortless. I also love that they gave me updates. Will definitely recommend.
Shayna StatonShayna Staton
16:16 20 Sep 22
The whole process was smooth and fast! They kept me informed! I was able to request overnight shipping to get my milk back faster for a trip!

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