Freeze Dried Breast Milk

Freeze dried breast milk provides a superior storage method than traditional freezing. It protects against nutritional degradation by preserving the carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins in your breast milk. Learn why it is a game changer for new moms!

Our Process

Frozen breast milk lactation storage bags
Expressed Breast Milk is Frozen Flat in Lactaion Storage Bags
Booby Licious Breast Milk Shipping Temperature Control Check
Your Frozen Milk is Shipped to Booby Licious via FedEx Express
Freeze-dried powder breast milk packaging
Your Milk is Freeze Dried and Turned into Shelf Stable Powder
Booby Licious custom mylar powder packets
FInally Your Powder Breast Milk is Packaged and Shipped Back to You

Shipping Kits

Freeze-Dried Breast milk shipping kits

Are you worrying about how you are going to safely ship your frozen breast milk? Take the hassle out of shipping your breast milk with our pharmaceutical grade shipping kits! We send you everything needed to safely and securely ship your milk to our processing facility in Bryan, Texas.

Our insulated shipping coolers are certified and tested to keep your milk frozen for up to 72 hours! We offer the LOWEST shipping rates than any other provider guaranteed. All orders are shipped FedEx priority overnight and delivered by 10:30am with automatic tracking updates and notifications. 

To learn more about shipping click below!

Booby Licious Freeze-Dried Breast Milk Powder Bag

What are the benefits to freeze dried breast milk?

Powder breast milk provides you with ultimate convenience, superior nutritional retention and guarantees the protection and safety of your milk for years to come! 

Particularly it frees up your freezer space, protects against high lipase and prevents nutrient degradation. 

Learn why freeze drying breast milk has become the gold standard for long term storage. 

Processing Facility
Booby-Licious breast-milk freeze-dried processing facility

Our processing facility implements and adheres to the most rigorous disinfecting and cross contamination prevention procedures than any other freeze drying service. That is to say we know a thing or two about proper facility protocols for managing a sterilized and disinfected processing facility. 

Booby Licious utilizes our resources available to us through our sister company ProSTAR industries who is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial cleaning chemicals, supplies and equipment. 

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Mikaela LavingtonMikaela Lavington
00:33 16 Oct 23
What a great company! Their communication is fast and are willing to answer any and all questions! Placed my first order a few months ago and was so happy with it! Now I have my BM for my little one for even when she gets a little older and can put it in her food! I am already about to place my next order and wouldn’t go with any other company! Highly recommmend
Shay AbbottShay Abbott
23:57 21 Sep 23
From ordering to shipping to updates to delivery, and finally, to customer service. This company deserves 5 stars. Way to go above and beyond during every single step of the journey.
PaulaSuzanne LapciucPaulaSuzanne Lapciuc
09:48 23 Jun 23
I have had a great experience with Bobby Licious. Their customer service team has been extremely responsive and more than willing to help me with my shipping needs. I can’t wait to receive my shipment!
Nicole WilliamsNicole Williams
14:07 10 Jun 23
My experience was phenomenal! Shannon and team were incredibly communicative, patient with my hundreds of questions, thorough, detailed and quick. I can’t say enough good things about this experience. I went from being super nervous about this opportunity to an incredibly satisfied customer. If you’re on the fence, definitely, definitely use this organization. You won’t regret it.
Kim WilliamsKim Williams
23:42 09 Jun 23
I cannot say enough good things about this company. Shannon is so responsive and makes sure you know what is going on every step of the way. I was traveling for a week without my little guy and they sent my kit to a FedEx where I was staying. I picked it up at FedEx, pumped the whole week, and then was able to ship it back to them the same day I was leaving. After a few weeks we got our freeze dried milk back. The packaging is so cute and easy to use. My little one has enjoyed many bottles of my rehydrated milk. I love that I can give him breast milk on the go without needing to keep things cold. I even ordered another kit for another trip.
Rachel MirakovRachel Mirakov
21:11 19 May 23
DO IT!! I honestly love everything about this company and the person behind it. Shannon is so sweet, caring and an excellent communicator. She walked me through the entire process so well it made me more confident in this decision. She did not disappoint and questions or concerns I've had along the way up until I recieved everything she's been so helpful.Just phenomenal
Valeria PorrasValeria Porras
18:02 14 Apr 23
an amazing business for breastfeeding mamas. whole process was super easy and Shannon made sure to keep me updated every step of the way.
Stephanie CStephanie C
22:15 31 Jan 23
Absolutely wonderful service! I completely agree with everything else that I have read on these reviews. Shannon was super responsive from the very first time I messaged her company, even though it was a weekend and super late! That honestly was the reason I even first decided to go with the company as I didn't even get return messages from the other companies for several months, and it was also only after I had already received my finished product from boobylicious! I am so glad that I did as my experience has been nothing short of wonderful. My milk was documented well throughout the entire process and the end product was convenient and great. My husband has requested that we only use the freeze dried packets instead of refrigerating milk when I'm at work since it is so much more convenient! We also feed my three year old son and put the powdered breast milk on some of his food to get him the extra antibodies and nutrients. I literally can not recommend this company enough, you will definitely not regret it!
Tayler CooperTayler Cooper
22:46 19 Jan 23
I have a a long international trip coming up and trying to travel with frozen milk is just not feasible, and being at the end of my pumping journey, I was nervous if I’d have enough. Thank god I found Shannon to help and answer all my questions, and believe me I had a lot of them! This is literally a life saver and I’m so grateful for their amazing service and getting my milk back to me so quickly, with updates along the way.
Kristen TringaliKristen Tringali
18:25 07 Jan 23
Couldn’t recommend this company enough!Firstly, what a simplification of an otherwise very tedious and complicated process of transporting your fresh/frozen milk while traveling etc. the packs I received are incredibly light, small, and compact making it a dream to use them on the go. Plus expiration dates extend to years in the future!Shannon went above and beyond to meet my travel deadline and every communication from start to finish was informative, polite, and helpful.The milk we produce takes a lot of time and effort, and packing and shipping it all off is a bit nerve wracking should something go wrong. I was put entirely at ease through the shipping process with notifications every step of the way, and a photo confirmation on arrival that the milk was still frozen.I can’t say enough good things about my experience. If you’re on the fence, this is your sign to do it. Such a game changer!
Brittany PowellBrittany Powell
20:27 18 Dec 22
We recently received our packets of freeze dried milk back and I had to express my gratitude for Shannon and the company throughout this entire process. It was one of the most nerve racking things to send off my milk but I knew this was something that was best for my baby. Shannon would literally respond to my emails in minutes and was available throughout the entire process - explained everything, gave me exact prices on shipping, sent me pictures of how to best pack my milk, and kept up with tracking the entire time. Literally a dream. I did extensive research on the top 3 companies for this process and I honestly believe I made the best choice. I’m forever grateful!
Cristina RamosCristina Ramos
00:24 07 Dec 22
I can’t say enough great things about this company as well as Shannon. From the second I contacted them the customer service was perfection. She walked me through the whole process and delivered a phenomenal product! It made traveling with baby from NY to FL a million times easier as TSA was a breeze! not to mention I live in an apartment with no deep freezer so for storage purposes this is a win win! Will recommend them to everyone!
Kasey SpicklerKasey Spickler
21:02 12 Nov 22
Wonderful service with fantastic customer service. Thank you for helping cut down on space used in my freezer and extending the life of my milk stash. Bottles are easy to make and convenient for baby!
Sherri TimmermanSherri Timmerman
19:05 11 Nov 22
This company is amazing to work with! Their communication is just stellar!! I will be using them again!
Kathleen ComeoKathleen Comeo
01:38 22 Oct 22
They are fast and communication was great. They send you the insulated cooler that doesn't need dry ice, makes the process effortless. I also love that they gave me updates. Will definitely recommend.
Shayna StatonShayna Staton
16:16 20 Sep 22
The whole process was smooth and fast! They kept me informed! I was able to request overnight shipping to get my milk back faster for a trip!